25 November 2014

Brilliant Book Shows Ingredients For Japanese Treats As Colorful Food Swatches

To help beginner cooks in Western countries make their own traditional Japanese desserts, designer Moé Takemura has created a cookbook that brilliantly visualizes the various substitute ingredients that they can easily find in their home countries.

Colorful swatches of neatly arranged ingredients, such as the different types of rice, flour, and beans, together with useful step-by-step recipes are included in the book, guiding the reader as they “experiment” with these traditional recipes.

Through her aesthetically-pleasing cookbook, Takemura also hopes that readers will venture into healthier Japanese sweets, as opposed to the usual “wheat, butter and egg-based cakes and cookies”.

Scroll down to view sneak peeks of Takemura’s cookbook Foreign Japanese Sweets, which is available for purchase here.

[via Dezeen, images via Moco Loco]