26 November 2014

Inspiration Work: Animals from History by Christina Hess

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If you like animals and all our furry four legged friends, check out “Animals From History”.

A collection of fictional stories by Christina Hess, “Animals from History” is based on 20 historical events using cats and dogs as characters. Christina aims for it to be a fun interpretation for people to get introduced and reintroduced to history.

marie antoinette christina hess

Joan of Bark

Elvis Petme

Amongst Cleopetra, Kiddy Roosevelt, Joan of Bark, Napoleon Boneapart and Elvis Petme, you can read about the pirate Jean Lafeet’s parachuting crawdads, Eva Growlbor’s weakness for diamond encrusted bone shaped brooches and King Tutankhameow’s 3000 year entombment with a band of theatrical rats.

In addition, historical events such as the Battle of Agincourt, The French Revolution and the Crimean War are incorporated as background elements within the stories.

About Christina

Christina is a freelance illustrator, designer, and teacher at a few local art colleges. She has won numerous awards and admittance into annuals and competitions. Check out more of Christina’s work