28 November 2014

Disturbingly Funny, Twisted Comics That Will Warp Your Mind

Spanish illustrator Joan Cornellà, who previously warped our minds with his hilariously absurd drawings, is back with more of his dark, twisted brand of humor.

Drawn in his distinctive style, Cornellà amazingly manages to craft complex and hysterical narratives in just a few panels.

Populated by characters caught in sticky situations, they range from a pair of armless men who are unable to hug, to a lonely man with a turd on his head Googling “who loves me?”

Equal parts disturbing and funny, they’re bound to make you laugh uncomfortably if they don’t traumatize you first.

Cap off your week with some sadistic comics below, and check out his blog for more.

[via It’s Nice That, images via Joan Cornellà]