1 November 2014

This Fun Cardboard Periscope 'Teleports' Your Eyes To Different Viewpoints

London-based Juste Kostikovaite has designed the EYEteleporter, a fun mask that displaces your eyesight and allows you to view things way above your head, or point of view from your belly (or any other way you want).

Similar to the simple periscope used by submarines for viewing things above the ground, the EYEteleporter lets you get a view of things way above your head.

According to its founder, “EYEteleporter mask is made of high grammage corrugated cardboard, two mirrors – one convex, another flat (the mirrors are acrylic, non-breakable, safe to play with), some wood and a little bit of elastic band.”

The project is currently in its Kickstarter stage, and is available for £55.

Watch an introduction of the product below:

[via BLTD]