31 October 2012

Artists Turn Retired Jets Into Spectacular Art

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A collective of artists have rescued a fleet of retired airplanes from the scrap yard and transformed them into stunning works of art.

Curated by Eric Firestone, Carlo McCormick and Medvin Sobioa, ‘The Boneyard Project’—a reference to the place where airplanes “go to die”—was an attempt to show the world how much potential and value these supposedly redundant machines still possess.

Inviting artists to work on and reimagine these former soaring giants, the project has successfully turned the airplanes into visual art installation pieces of epic proportion.

Considering how spectacular these old airplanes look after their “make-over”, we wonder why commercial airlines do not cover their operating fleet with attractive graphic art like this.

Watch the making-of video of The Boneyard Project below and head over here for more inspiring images.

[via The Boneyard Project]