30 October 2012

Steve Jobs X Philippe Starck-Designed Yacht Makes Debut

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Just slightly more than a year after his death, the high-tech, minimalist yacht that Steve Jobs imagined finally made its debut two days ago.

Named ‘Venus’ after the goddess of love and beauty, the sleek white vessel—designed by legendary French designer Philippe Starck—was unveiled in the presence of Jobs’ family.

Measuring about 80 meters long, the luxury yacht features a lightweight aluminum exterior, high walls and windows of glass.

Not surprisingly,, seven 27-inch iMacs could be found in the yacht’s interior, including six in the wheelhouse.

Each of the ship’s builders was gifted with an iPod Shuffle—with the ship’s name engraved on the back—which comes with a note thanking them for their “hard work and craftsmanship”.

Watch the video of Venus’s debut below:

[via OneMoreThing.nl]