30 October 2012

‘Smartpen’ Records Written And Spoken Notes, Wirelessly Sends To Evernote

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Combining the intuitive functions of both the Moleskine-Evernote Smart Notebook and Wacom’s Inkling device—Livescribe has teamed up with Evernote to launch a new digital pen that records everything its user writes and hears in real-time.

Called the ‘Sky WiFi Smartpen’, the pen captures handwritten notes, ideas and diagrams; records high-quality audio; and wirelessly syncs all information to the user’s online personal Evernote account.

Users can access the notes using a Mac, Windows, iOS or Android unit, and can easily search, playback, organize and share their notes via email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

The Smartpen costs US$170 for a 2GB version; US$200 for 4GB; and US$250 for 8GB.

[via Livescribe]