8 October 2012

Top 10 Websites Using a Fist as a Logo

There are many ways to get your site noticed, but one of the most successful of them is to be original when it comes to design. No matter if it’s a texture, typography or imagery that helps your website stand out from others, but if you have that special something in the design of your website, than more than likely it will be easy to remember. Today we’d like to show you 10 websites that prove that even one image can add spice to your design. In our case, it will be an image of a fist or a raised fist.

  • A fist is a sign of unity, power and determination. Sometimes it represents anger or rebellion. Also, an image of a fist can be used to emphasize something.

  • The raised fist (also known as the clenched fist) is a symbol of solidarity and support. It is also used as a salute to express unity, strength, defiance, or resistance…The symbol has been picked up and incorporated around the world by various groups fighting oppression

Would you like to know whether the fists on the following sites are raised in victory or anger? Please go ahead and look through the screenshots!

Contrast Rebelion

Website : contrastrebellion.comContrast RebellionThe site explains the importance of readability in web design and invites everyone to join the rebellion and stop creating low-contrast websites. We believe the raised fist fits the idea of the site perfectly.

Brace Yourself

Website : sean-fournier.com/braceyourselfSean FournierSean-Fournier.com is a music site where you can download Sean's favorite songs and buy cute bracelets that will remind you to come back to listen to other songs. The moto of the site is “New song every month; new bracelet every song”. We encourage you to visit the site, put the bracelet you like on the hand and you’ll see what will happen.

Defend the Inter

Website : defendtheinter.netDefend the InterThe main aim of launching this site was to prevent SOPA (the Stop Internet Piracy Act) and PIPA (the Protect-IP Act) from passing. It was to inspire people to defend Internet and this is where the raised fist could help. After all, it’s the symbol of rebellion.

Iron Fist Brewing

Website : ironfistbrewing.comIron Fist BrewingThis is a website of the Iron Fist Brewing Company. Iron Fist is a family owned brewery, so we believe an image of a fist that you see on the top of the page represents unity and success.

Fist in the Air

Website : fistintheair.comFist in the AirFistInTheAir.com is a frequently updated music site where users can find fresh music every day. It seems the logo showing a raised fist is used as a salute.


Website : join.vicompany.nlVicompanyVicompany.nl is a website of VI Company, a web design company located in the Netherlands. The design of the website reminds an agitation poster and an illustration of a fist is a good match to the layout.

Power of One

Website : p0wer0f1.comPower of Onep0wer0f1.com was launched to announce an important event for developers and entrepreneurs; 11.11.11 was the day when they got together to celebrate how much the individual can achieve in today's tech industry and the site logo reminds us about the unity of individuals.

Fist Enterprises

Website : fistenterprises.comFist EnterprisesThis is an official website of FIST (Fingerprint Identification Systems Technology) Enterprises. So it comes as no surprise that a company with such a name is using an image of a fist for the logo.

A bit of Extra

Website : abitofextra.comA bit of ExtraA bit of Extra is an online portfolio of a Dutch web developer Theun de Bruijn. It seems the logo with the raised fist was chosen to show that Theun believes in his power and success as a web developer.

Fist of Blog

Website : fistofblog.comFist of BlogFist of Blog is one of many blogs that knows a little of everything. A fist is a main part of the logo and we can only guess why it was chosen for such purpose, but we can not deny it adds some strength to the design.