30 October 2012

For The Cynical: 2013 Diary With A Disappointing Twist

Designer Jim Sutherland of Hat-Trick Design together with writer Nick Asbury of Asbury & Asbury have published a diary that tells of cold hard truths that lie ahead.

Contrary to regular pocket planners, the Disappointments Diary is a 2013 week-to-view appointments diary with a series of disappointing twists.

The diary for the cynical has pages detailing Notable Deaths of famous people and ‘Onset of Night (sunset times)’, cynical quotes at the top right-hand corner of its week-to-view pages, empty lists for ‘People Who Never Call’, and pages unintentionally left blank.

The grey pages of Disappointments Diary also get subtly darker, for a downbeat feel, as you make your way grimly toward the end.

It comes in a disappointingly limited edition of 1,000 copies.

[via Asbury & Asbury]