31 October 2012

‘The X-Men’ Reimagined As Japanese Samurai Warriors

Click to view enlarged version

Click to view enlarged version

US-based digital artist Alex Mitchell—who previously reimagined The Avengers as Japanese warriors—is back, this time he reimagined the X-Men as samurai warriors from the Edo Period in Japanese history.

Beast as Komainu. Previously a handsome and gifted physician, a disease left him badly disfigured.

Gambit is Chouhan, the young prince of the bakuto (gamblers). His specialties include gambling, thievery, and gunpowder grenades.

Rouge as Onryou, a vengeful spirit whose very touch saps the strength of the living and allows their memories to intermingle with her own.

Storm becomes Kaminchu, a deity who is able to control the weather and wields a tessen (steel war fan) with great skill.

Professor X is reimagined as Master Zenjirou. He previously was a master swordsman, who is now able to utilize his own ‘ki’ (inner energy) to defeat opponents without a single physical blow. He is also able to read an enemy’s intentions through the flow of their energy.

Jean Grey or Miko is a shrine maiden who is able to summon and command invisible shikigami (spirits). Inhabited in her body is an immortal bird spirit that even she herself is unable to control.

Cyclops, ‘Dokugan’ (One-eyed) is able to see spirits and other supernatural beings that normal human eyes cannot. He is also able to cast nightmarish visions on his enemies with his missing eye.

Wolverine as Mujina, a highly skilled warrior with superhuman fighting skills and razor sharp instincts. He wields two cursed swords: the Toratsume (Tiger’s Claw) that drinks the blood of its enemies and heals its master; and the Ryuutsume (Dragon’s Claw), an unbreakable weapon that shatters any other blade.

Jubilee is Hanabi. She specializes in creating fireworks.

Mystique as Akko, a cunning fox spirit and a master of disguise who uses her power to transform into whoever and whatever that satisfies her fancy.

Sabretooth or Byakko carries a cursed nodachi called Kemonokiba (Beast Fang) that keeps him immortal as long as he keeps it fed with human blood. He and Mujina were formally best friends.

Apocalypse as Doguu, a thing that has existed since the ancient past. Its body is made of baked clay and destruction often follows in its wake.

Magneto reimagned as Jishaku.

[via Alex Mitchell]