27 February 2013

20 Beautiful Tribal Tattoos

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Lately I have been more and more interested in tattoos and more exactly as an art form. Being a doctor and working with people, and a designer on the side, I can understand pretty well this art and I respect it and the artists practicing it.

I respect first of all the permanent nature of this art. Unlike traditional graphic artists, a tattoo artist doesn’t work with layers that can be edited or deleted. Once the artist makes the design, there’s little he can edit until the end. That happens unless we are talking about temporary tattoos which can be removed.

Tattoo artists are first of all graphic design artists. You can’t tattoo if you’re not good with the pen and paper.

Tribal tattoos are some of the most beautiful types of tattoos and can extend to very large parts of the body. Below there is a showcase of 20 beautiful tribal tattoos.


Tribal pattern tattoo

Ornamentic tribal tattoo

tattoo tribal

tattoo tribal freehand

Fix up tribal freehand tattoo

Tribal and Canarian symbol tattoo

Apsara dancers, peony flowers and tribal fix up tattoo "half custom, half freehand" (2nd session)

tribal custom11 Tattoo

South pacific/polynesian tribal tattoo

tribal tattoos tiger

tribal fish tattoo on stomach

tribal eagle tattoo

Tribal Leg Tattoo

tribal backpiece

New Aries Tribal Tattoo!

Butterfly tattoo picture

South Pacific Tribal


tribal cherub Tattoo