28 February 2013

Long Exposure HDR Captures From Around The World

The Megopolis Hong Kong – What Happens Around Dusk

Austin blogger and photographer Trey Ratcliff focuses his pictures on travel and adventure themes that feature picturesque landscapes across the world.

His specialty in HDR photography has produced brilliant effects among many scenic locations.

According to Ratcliff, being born blind in his right eye has likely to have shaped his interest in photography.

Ratcliff launched a travel blog in 2005, titled ‘Stuck In Customs’, after refining and developing his techniques for HDR photography, and has since then captured the world’s attention with his effective skills and talent.

Hong Kong from the Peak on a Summer’s Night

Glittering stars over Queenstown, New Zealand

Time Lasts Forever in Paris

Bustling Beijing

Crossing the Bridge into Old Lyon

Darkness in the City

Moonlight Clouds – Queenstown at 7:30 AM

The Chinese Technopolis


One Night in Bangkok

The Great Wall Stretches Across the Sunset

Reflections on the Eiffel Tower

Aurora Australis – Landing on the River – Queenstown – New Zealand

Our Galaxy over Queenstown

Sunset at the UFO Landing Zone

Trey Ratcliff “selfie”

[via Dashburst]