27 February 2013

New Airplane Seat Design Makes Traveling In Economy Class More Comfy

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Those bitten by the wanderlust bug, or who have traveled in the economy class of an airplane, would know how uncomfortable and cramped it feels like.

With that in mind, Malaysia-based student Alireza Yaghoubi came up with a designed for airplane seats that would make traveling in economy class more comfortable.

Inspired by long uncomfortable journeys that cause sore necks and shoulders, his design concept called ‘AirGo’ features self-contained seats that lets passengers lie back in.

The chairs are made with mesh—to conform to its users’ body shape—have foot rests, and are adjustable.

Instead of shared overhead bins and imposing on others, each seat has its own storage pod that also contains the tray for food and TV.

Yaghoubi’s design, however, takes up 16% more space than current economy seats on planes, but they are cheaper to manufacture and maintain.

“As a student, I travel a lot over long distances and obviously, like the majority of travellers, I can’t afford to pay for premium class seats,” he shared. “I think that the current designs are far from being in sync with today’s technology.”

What do you think—should Yaghoubi’s concept be made into reality?

[via AirGo Economy Class Cabin]