27 February 2013

Brilliant LEGO-Made Scenes Of ‘Star Wars’ Characters In Hilarious Situations

Outside of his day job, Virginia-based software developer Christian Cantrell—who is Adobe’s Engineering Manager—creates and photographs LEGO scenes that feature Star Wars characters in funny situations.

Pairing each image with a witty caption, Cantrell imagines the beloved characters from the popular sci-fi movies as regular people in the real world.

From showing what the “force” could really be used for to how Stormtroopers spend their free time, these hilarious narratives will delight both Star Wars and LEGO fans.

Although his LEGO photography work is dominated by the Star Wars theme, Cantrell has also created scenarios that feature other pop culture icons, such as famous superheroes like Spiderman, Superman and Captain America.

[via The Phoblographer]