27 February 2013

In Japan, Moving House Is A ‘Moving’ Experience

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Moving to a new home can be stressful and time consuming because of all the packing, cleaning, and unpacking you’ve to get done.

In Japan, moving companies offer the popular option of—not only transporting your belongings, but also—packing and unpacking for you, within less than a day, taking care of “absolutely everything”.

In a video entitled ‘Moving in Japan’ published by The Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the YouTube channel JapanVidTopics, it shows that movers would also first clean your items before packing them up into boxes.

With specially designed boxes, and company-taught professional skills, they would simply pack them up in ingenious ways you’d not have thought of.

After transporting the items to the moving truck, they would even clean your old apartment up.

When helping your move in, the workers would also put on clean socks prior to entering your new home, so as not to dirty it.

The companies would also unpack all your belongings as you request, and give them one last clean.

To sum it up, all you’d have to do when it comes to moving day in Japan, is to wake up, get dressed and wait for the movers to get over to your house to start the moving process.

An entire move in Japan, assisted by “fast, polite and considerate” services, would cost between ¥50,000 – ¥150,000 (US$535 – $1,600).

Watch the video below that would have you marvelling, and probably attract you to move to Japan for its ‘moving experience’:

[via YouTube]