28 February 2013

A Simple, Elegant iPhone Music Player Inspired By The Great Dieter Rams

Designer Eder Rengifo and developer Bryn Bodayle have came up with the T3 Player app, a simple and elegant music app for the iPhone.

Inspired by a portable radio of the same name by legendary German designer Dieter Rams,—probably one of the greatest industrial designers of all time—the app boasts of an appealing vintage and minimalist design.

Functioning like a regular music player, but with less controls, it allows for easier ranking of songs and making playlists—these features hold true to Dieter Rams’ principle that “good design should make a product useful”.

Apple has always acknowledged Dieter Rams as one of its design influences, so it is unsurprising that an iPhone app has now been created after the Dieter Rams philosophy.

The app is available for USD$0.99 on the iTunes App Store.

The Braun Transistor Radio (1959) by Dieter Rams

[via Phaidon]