28 February 2013

North Korea As Seen Through Instagram

North Korea just activated its new 3G mobile Internet network called ‘Koryolink’ a while back—so that foreigners can access the internet through their cellphones, to text, tweet, and upload photos.

Taking advantage of the recently-launched fairly-expensive mobile service, along with their location—reporters Associated Press chief photographer for Asia David Guttenfelder and Associated Press Korea bureau chief Jean H Lee are posting the first Instagram pictures of the country.

The images captured look like they date back to much earlier decades—and it’s not just because of the filters used.

From the look of the streets, vehicles and buildings, to technology, fashion and postcards, Guttenfelder and Lee’s Instagram posts bring you into the world of the previously-unseen location.

Scroll down to see life in North Korea on Instagram—or head to David Guttenfelder’s and Jean H Lee’s Instagram feed for real-time updates.

[via Mashable]