26 February 2013

A Museum Café That Offers Edible Versions Of Famous Artworks

At the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, not only do visitors get to view well-known art pieces by Mondrian and Thiebaud, and eat them too.

The museum’s rooftop café Blue Bottle Coffee Bar serves up an extensive and creative menu of art-inspired food—such as Mondrian cake, Frida Kahlo Mexican Wedding Cookies, Rosana Castrillo Díaz Panna Cotta and Jeff Koons White Hot Chocolate.

The latest dishes to be added the menu include Rothko Toast and Jams, Hirst Cake, Judd Tomato Soup, and Albers Crackers and Cheese.

Even if you do not appreciate visual art, you may enjoy eating it.

[via San Franciso Museum of Modern Art Facebook]