26 February 2013

A “Wicked Smart” Digital Business Card You Can Grab From The Air

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Austin-based technology entrepreneurs Kent Savage and Matt Hovis has just launched their patent-pending digital business card system, Icon.

Describing their new cloud-based service as “wicked smart”, Save and Hovis designed it for much more than basic information sharing—mobile-optimized and immensely shareable, Icon curates content from your social media feeds and presents a professional profile that is always up-to-date.

There are obvious advantages to using Icon—for instance, you will never run out of business cards or have to worry that the person you are trying to reach will lose your contact information.

Perhaps, the one feature that sets Icon apart from its competition is how users are able to view valuable insights on the reach of their business cards—such as who is viewing, saving and sharing their information.

Icon is available for free—a Pro version costs US$4.99 a month—on the brand’s website right now. Learn more about this exciting new business card solution in the video below or browse sample Icon profiles over here.

[via SiliconHills]