26 February 2013

Beautiful Jewelry Made Of One-Dollar Bills

American designer Lauren Vanessa Tickle has created a collection of intriguing accessories—named “Increasing Value”—that are made of one-dollar notes.

Slicing up the bills into intricate shapes, she then stick these pieces together to beautiful brooches, necklaces and earrings that directly reflect their monetary value.

Each piece is named after their exact cost—for instance, the $300.00 Necklace, the $16.00 Earrings and the $54.00 Brooch.

“I force wearers and observers to reflect on the concept of adornment in our society. One of the most conscious actions humans undertake is the decision of what to wear or not. My work takes underlying materialism and makes it explicit, imploring evaluation from all sides in each social context.”

See more of these wearable, money-made paper sculptures here.

[via Lauren Vanessa Tickle]