27 February 2013

Famous Cities Built With Cardboard Boxes

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English artist Chris Gilmour has creating an astounding piece of artwork using only cardboard boxes and glue.

Titled ‘You Can Build anything When You Put Your Mind To It’, Gilmour’s latest cardboard sculpture features the city of London—which includes the river Thames, a functional model of Tower Bridge and a rotating cardboard Big Eye.

The 40-foot wide replica of London took two days to complete.

“The biggest challenge was placing the iconic sculptures in the correct place in each city to successfully convey the depth and size of the entire build.” Said Gimour.

Despite tough measurements, the amazing result of Gilmour’s hard work has indeed proven that you can really build anything if you put your mind to it.

Gilmour’s previous cardboard sculptures also include the city of Paris and Berlin.

Click to watch a time-lapse video below:

[via Express]