26 February 2013

Disturbing Photo Series Captures The Realities Of Animal Euthanization

To highlight the issue of animal overpopulation, North Carolina-based photographer Mary Shannon Johnstone has captured disturbing photos of animals being put down in animal shelters.

Titled ‘Breeding Ignorance’, this sad photo series highlights the conditions inside animal shelters and the final moments of the animals before euthanization.

“I hope these photographs call attention to the tragic epidemic of animal overpopulation, and illuminate what happens when we don’t spay and neuter our pets,” wrote Johnstone.

Her project is divided into two subsets—one is titled ‘Discard Property’, which focuses on animal euthaization—while the other, ‘Shelter Life’ shows the condition of animals at shelters.

These are some of the photos that were taken:

[via Mary Shannon Johnstone and PetaPixel]