27 February 2013

Scenic Images Captured In An Urban Exploration

Nara Dreamland, Japan

Canadian photographer Chris Luckhardt—who is also an urban explorer—has captured abandoned structures and places.

According to Luckhardt, he said, “Urban exploration for me is as much about the abandonments as it is about the inner exploration. The silence of the abandonments gives me time to reflect; urban exploration often becomes a meditative state. Seeing the decay of the past allows me to reflect on the possibilities of the future.”

Sattler Theater – Buffalo, New York

Zydeco Zinger – Six Flags New Orleans Amusement Park

Calgary Tower – Calgary, Alberta

Ferris Wheel Star Trails – Six Flags New Orleans

Phoenix Trotting Park – Goodyear, Arizona

Bethlehem Steel North Office – Lackawanna, New York

Mega Zeph Roller Coaster – Six Flags New Orelans

Hashima Island – Nagasaki, Japan

Michigan Central Station – Detroit, Michigan

[via Twisted Sifter]