30 July 2014

Photographer Transforms Tokyo Into A Miniature Wonderland

Shibuya 109 crossing

Melbourne-based photographer Ben Thomas, who previously gave us these tiny charming cityscapes, has transformed Tokyo into a miniature wonderland using the tilt-shift technique.

Enamoured by the city during his first visit in 2008, he returned in 2012 to shoot a series of images for his book Tiny Tokyo, which was published in March this year.

The photographer spent three weeks in Tokyo, capturing its skyscrapers and city scenes from above. Prior to that, he spent nearly three months researching tower, rooftops and bridges to shoot from.

“It wasn’t just a matter of finding locations that I liked, I wanted to show all the aspects, that I see as making up the beating heart of Tokyo... Tilt-shift is typically shot from above, so getting the types of angles needed took a whole heap of planning and a little luck,” he said in an interview with Slate.

Some scenes proved more difficult and required the use of a helicopter, a logistical feat made more challenging as Thomas suffers from motion sickness.

His efforts paid off, as the finished images render familiar Tokyo sights like the busy Shibuya crossing and its shop-lined streets, as adorably minuscule versions that resemble cute toy sets.

Check out some photographs below and purchase the book here.

The man-made island of Tsukishima, Chūō

Stores of Takadanobaba, Shinjuku

Modes of transport at Tsukiji Market, Chūō

An intersection in Oshiage at night

Wet footpaths in Chiyoda

A bar street bar in Shinjuku

[via Slate, images by Ben Thomas]