31 July 2014

Teen Girl’s Selfies Show What It’s Like To Wear A Hijab In The US

Eighteen-year-old Yasmeen from California has been causing a stir on Tumblr with her selfies showing her wearing a hijab, an Islamic headscarf.

She told BuzzFeed she oftens gets asked about her appearance and religion due to her status as a hijabi, which is a term given to girls or women who don the hijab.

The sassy girl decided to poke fun at the questions and started posting funny selfies, which started as a series of Snapchats on her Twitter account.

Yasmeen’s favorite questions are “Do you have ears?” and “Are you bald?” For the record, she showers with her hijab on, in case anyone is wondering.

Check out her pictures below.

[via BuzzFeed, images via Tumblr]