30 July 2014

‘Tiny Interviews’ In Which Successful Designers Answer 5 Short Questions

If you are a young designer who is looking to learn from the best in the industry, “5 Questions for 100 Designers”, a side project of Russian designer Yevgeny Yermakov, would probably be of interest to you.

Featuring “tiny interviews” with designers—“mostly graphic designers”—this project showcases nuggets of wisdom from some of the most successful designers in the world today, including Jessica Walsh, Michael Beirut and Debbie Millman.

All of the subjects are presented with five short questions that relate to his or her design career—while the answers are usually rather short, they are nonetheless insightful and valuable for someone who is starting out in the profession.

Debuting in April 2014, there are currently 40 interviews on the project’s website, where you can read the entire archive and keep up with new interviews. There will eventually be 100 interviews conducted for the project.

[via 5 Questions for 100 Designers]