31 July 2014

This Is What A 1970s Personal Underground Bunker Of A Millionaire Looks Like

Back in 1978, one American millionaire by the name of Girard “Jerry” B. Henderson was so fearful about the threat of nuclear attacks from the USSR that he built his own safeplace under the bustling streets of Las Vegas.

He built a luxurious bunker 26 feet beneath Las Vegas. It is accessible by either a hidden staircase in a shed or a elevator hidden behind some rocks.

The bunker is really an entire house spanning 15,200 square feet, complete with a lawn, landscaping, fake trees, hot tubs, a barbecue, a putting green, and a 360-degree mural of "outside" imagery.

Its custom fitted lighting also simulates day and night, complete with stars.

So convinced Henderson was of nuclear attacks, he even started a company called “Underground World Homes.”

Today, this house is for sale at USD $1.7 million.

[via Architizer]