30 July 2014

Greenpeace Creates A Simple But Effective Ad Showing 'Nemo' Blended To A Pulp

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A new ad for Greenpeace Australia leverages Nemo from Disney’s ‘Finding Nemo’ movie to highlight the risk that Australia’s treasured Great Barrier Reef faces.

In this ad voiced by actor Richard Roxbough, an innocent clownfish appears to be swimming in a glass case. The camera then pans out to reveal that the glass case is a blender, and the fish swimming in it is totally unaware .

Through the graphic imagery provoked by blending a living fish, Greenpeace Australia challenges Australians to stand up for nature and put pressure on their environment minister, to object to the building of Queensland’s proposed Carmichael mine.

A voiceover says, “How much will we destroy in the pursuit of profit and power?”. The screen is then proposed with text which reads “You have the power to save the Great Barrier Reef”.

Watch it below:

[via Mumbrella]