29 July 2014

Mesmerizing Photographs Of Iceland Reveal The Country's Raw Beauty

Viewing German photographer Nicole Odemann’s travel photos makes us feel like booking the next flight out to anywhere.

The 22-year-old photographer views the world through the lenses of her father’s analogue camera, creating beautiful travel photos laced with a heady dose of wanderlust.

In her latest photo series, ‘Inspired by Iceland’, Odemann captured the raw and quiet beauty of the Nordic country.

She cleverly introduced color into the monotonous landscape of ice and rocks by using her friends’ bright apparel for some visual accent.

Interestingly, Odemann often photographed her subjects’ backs as they walk into the landscapes, making us feel like we are part of her traveling troupe.

Take a look at Odemann’s photos below.

[via iGNANT, Images byNicole Odemann]