30 July 2014

Use This To Stop The Person In Front Of You On A Plane From Reclining Their Seat

Based in Washington, DC, an online webstore named Gadget Duck has invented something to stop the person sitting in front of you on an airplane from reclining their seat.

The invention is the ‘Knee Defender’, and it is a simple plastic claw to be attached to your tray table’s supporting structures. This prevents the passenger in front of you from reclining their seat.

The company writes on their website, “If the airlines will not protect people from being battered, crunched, and immobilized, then people need options to protect themselves,"

The device is currently sold for USD $21.95, and it seems to be a controversial gadget that may trigger off very angry passengers.

What do you think about a gadget like that? Would you use one?

[via Entrepreneur]