31 July 2014

Strangers’ Photoshop Skills ‘Reunite’ Couple in Honeymoon Photos

In her photo post, Imgur user ButteSeriously said that she was "too awkward" to ask for strangers' help in taking photos during her recent honeymoon, resulting in "lonely" shots of her and her husband.

Her original photos feature the couple posing separately while enjoying the scenery, which were later combined into a split photo montage.

Interestingly, some random, kind-hearted Imgur users decided to "reunite" her and her husband—by combining individual photos of them into a single image with Photoshop.

The new and improved images show the couple enjoying the scenery together, making their honeymoon appear less forlorn.

Check out the images below.

[via Jezebel, Images via ButteSeriously, slyjumas, 4D44H, and SingleHandedSurfer]