30 July 2014

An Ingenious Rug That Folds Over To Become A Coffee Table

An accidentally upturned corner on the rug is not only unsightly but can also trip us up, making it an everyday annoyance that we have to set straight again and again.

Inspired by by this normally undesired fold or flick of the rug’s corners, designer Alessandro Isola has created the “Stumble Upon”, a rug that doubles as a functional coffee table.

The front of this innovative product looks like an ordinary long-fiber rug—but when one of its corners is flipped over, a contrasting polished surface, that could be used as a tabletop, is revealed.

The brilliance of this design lies in its flexibility—according to Isola, “it can be configured and tessellate into multi-functional surfaces that suit the moment”. This means that the user would be able to dictate the size and position of their very unusual coffee table.

Head over to the designer’s website to view the different ways in which the Stumble Upon can be used.

[via My Modern Met]