30 July 2014

A Man-Made Leaf That ‘Breathes’ And Produces Oxygen

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Soon, we may be able to breathe more comfortably in enclosed spaces, thanks to the 'Silk Leaf', a synthetically developed leaf that produces oxygen.

Created by Royal College of Art graduate Julian Melchiorri, the 'Silk Leaf' is believed to be the world’s first man-made biological leaf.

The 'Silk Leaf' works just like real plants—it absorbs carbon dioxide, water, and light.

The synthetic leaf is made from chloroplasts, extracted from plant cells, which are suspended in a silk protein body, allowing it to produce oxygen via photosynthesis.

Creator Melchiorri also talked about using the synthetic leaf in interior design, architecture, and gradually, space exploration.

Take a look at the 'Silk Leaf' below.

[via Newlaunches, Images via Dezeen]