30 July 2014

Man’s Creative Play On Cheetos Will Make You See Ordinary Snacks Differently

By means of natural selection, life has flourished in the evolutionary history of primates and the emergence of homo sapiens as a distinct species of hominids

The Instagram account @cheesecurlsofinstagram is dedicated to seeking out the extraordinary in the cheese flavored snack.

The user would post pictures of Cheetos that are twisted in unique ways, and he would come up with witty captions to accompany the photos.

With the first picture posted less than a year ago, cheesecurlsofinstagram has already gained quite a sizeable following.

Check out the whole series here.

Whether it’s a defense mechanism, form of communication or sign of intelligence, this monkey is throwing feces at his friend

The execution-style killing of a man for being different

The firing of this unique incendiary round proves that this antique Colt 45, with heavy patina, is still in working order

After urinating on their subordinates to assert dominance, these two monkeys give each other a high five

In an adult film, Peter North takes his role as a French professor seriously by wearing a beret while performing in a scene with a “failing female student earning extra credit”, and after he finishes, he points to the director because he knows he nailed it

Jesse, the dog owned by the pedophile, Herbert, that lives down the street from the Griffins on Family Guy

After a sermon, Pope Frances, wearing a miter, prepares to get in the Pope Mobile, but not before taking a quick selfie using the forward-facing camera on his iPhone 5S

[via Mashable, images and captions via cheesecurlsofinstagram]