31 July 2014

Marvel’s Leaked Test Footage Of 'Deadpool' Leaves Fans Yearning For More

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After a leaked test footage of Marvel’s Deadpool went viral a day after the 2014 Comic Con ended last weekend, fans were left wondering if they will ever get to see a movie featuring the famous anti-hero.

The test footage, filmed three years ago, featured actor Ryan Reynolds dressed in a black and red suit as Deadpool. The actor is seen jumping into a speeding car before getting into a fight with some burly thugs.

As of now, no official news about the Deadpool movie, if any, have been released.

However, Deadpool creator Robert Liefeld tweeted to fans who have glimpsed the footage to "enjoy it for what it is" and that "tests are done for films all the time".

Marvel fans, do you want to see Deadpool on the big screen?

Check out images of Deadpool from the test footage below.

[via The Daily Dot, Images via Kotaku]