28 August 2014

An Awesome Motorcycle That Runs On Bacon Grease

As its name suggests, the Hormel Black Label Bacon-Fueled Motorcycle runs on bacon grease.

This vehicle was manufactured by EVA Products BV and its design was based on a rare motorbike called the Track T800 CDI motorcycle. It has an 800cc three-cylinder diesel engine that runs on biofuel, or more specifically, bacon grease.

Motorheads will be pleased with this awesome bike, which includes a new gas tank, lowered suspension, and, of course, a seat made out of pig leather. It is said that the exhaust even smells like bacon.

This bike goes from zero to 60 in six seconds, and is on a road trip to Austin and San Diego. It will end its journey at the world’s Spam Museum, where it will be exhibited.

Check out this motorcycle below—would you like to have this bike, or do you prefer to eat your bacon instead of using it for fuel?

[via Hi Consumption]