30 August 2014

Designer Makes Gorgeous Molecular Structure Necklaces Of Common Drugs

Canadian design studio Ahora Silhouettes makes necklaces out of the molecular structures of drugs. This allows people to wear a representation of their preferred narcotic around their neck.

Founded by Tania Hennessy, the Designer Drugs collection includes a six narcotics—from stimulants such as dopamine and LSD, to caffeine and tobacco.

These necklaces are made in stainless steel and finished with a matte black powder coating with a gun-metal chain or uncoated with a silver-plated chain. They are designed on Adobe Illustrator.

Each piece is uniquely represented by simplified representations of their molecular structures. Some pieces, such as the ‘Coffee & Cigarettes’ necklace, are a combination of two molecular structures.

According to Hennessy, "the concept behind Designer Drugs is one of hedonism, indulgence and over-the-top debauchery where, in a fantasy laboratory, both legal and illicit molecular hybrids are created not to be ingested, but worn".

Other pieces in her collection include Spliff, Candy Flipping, Speedball and Tripping Balls, and Overdose, which is an amalgamation of all of the patterns.

[via Dezeen]