29 August 2014

Sleek Ring Case Slips Neatly Into Pockets, Enchantingly Reveals Engagement Ring

Designer Andrew Zo has created an innovative, sleek case to hold engagement rings—it slides neatly into your pocket and hides away the ugly bulge created by the conventional bulky ring cases.

The ring box called ‘Clifton’ is designed with a pop-up mechanism that pirouettes the ring into position as the box is opened—it is intended to present the ring like a blooming flower.

His design inspiration came as a child when he constructed origami boxes and paper roses for his mother. He incorporated the paper folding techniques into developing a paper-based ‘Clifton’ concept as a student at Emily Carr University—it was only three years later, that his concept was turned into a stylish box clad in leather.

Interested readers can find out more and purchase one of these boxes here, at US$90.