29 August 2014

The ‘World’s First Wireless Scanner Mouse’

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With this cool gadget, you no longer need to scramble for a scanner whenever you need to transfer important documents or photos to your devices at work.

Dubbed as the ‘world’s first wireless scanner mouse’, the Zcan Wireless is exactly what its title suggest—a portable mouse that doubles as a scanner.

Created by Hong Kong-based company Design to Innovation, the Zcan Wireless works when the user uses it in a sweeping motion—it scans anything from receipts, documents, and photos.

The Zcan Wireless sends your information to your devices via WiFi, and it boasts a resolution of up to 400 dpi.

Scroll down to see the Zcan Wireless in action in the video below, or you can visit its Indiegogo page for more information.

[via PSFK, images via Indiegogo]