29 August 2014

If Marvel’s Male Superheroes Were Drawn Like Their Female Counterparts…

Writer Brett White from Comic Book Resources has created a set of illustrations that show Marvel’s male superheroes portrayed like their female counterparts.

This series was done in response to Spider-Woman’s alternate cover, which was revealed last week. Drawn by Milo Manara, an artist known for his erotic works, the illustration showed the female hero in a compromising position.

White’s alternate covers address this problem—in the introduction to his post, he said that the issue lies with the fact that female characters are more likely to be sexualized in comics than male superheroes.

“What if Marvel released sexy variant covers for every comic they released? Why couldn't Magneto #1 feature the master of magnetism in a brokeback pose with a come hither look?”

Indeed, these variant covers serve to comment on this double standard, and show us that we need to be careful with our portrayal of people.

Have a look at these variant covers below, or head on over to Comic Book Resources to view the entire collection.

[via Comic Book Resources and Mic.com]