30 August 2014

BMW Unveils Its Latest Bulletproof Vehicle

At the recently concluded Moscow motor show, automobile company BMW unveiled a bulletproof car. It hopes to win over its security-conscious customers with this armored version of its previous offering.

The X5 Security and X5 Security Plus are the latest editions to BMW's range of security-enhanced vehicles.

Its new X5 sport-utility vehicle is ‘AK-47-proof’. It provides "secure protection against assault" with special steel and reinforced, shatterproof glass for its passenger compartment.

With a solid engine that comprises an eight-cylinder, turbocharged engine generating 450 horsepower that drives all four wheels, it allows a safe and fast exit if you should require it.

BMW’s armored range is not the first of its kind, with Daimler AG and Volkswagen AG already making armored versions of their Mercedes-Benz and Audi cars.

The bulletproof X5 with a reinforced fuel tank and radiator, Kevlar flooring, and run-flat tires cost three to four times the price of a regular model.

[via Wall Street Journal]