29 August 2014

Rachel, Monica And Phoebe From 'Friends' Reunite On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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We often hear rumors about a Friends reunion, which never seem to materialize, but thanks to American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, we can now enjoy a mini skit featuring three members of the original cast.

Jennifer Aniston, followed by Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, made cameo appearances during Kimmel’s show.

According to Kimmel, who gave the actresses scripts based on his fan fiction, Joey and Chandler “died” after being bitten by Marcel, Ross’ monkey.

While Aniston seemed slightly perturbed about reprising her role—perhaps she was disturbed by the “Rachel” wig—Cox and Kudrow settled nicely into their iconic roles, while Kimmel took over as Ross.

Watch the video below—this could be the closest thing we will ever get to a Friends reunion.

[via Mashable]