28 August 2014

‘Playboy’ Flowchart Helps You Decide If You Should Catcall Women

As sexual harassment and rape have made the headlines in recent years, many netizens have started educating people on the importance of respecting women.

Graphic designer Shea Strauss has done just that—she has designed a flowchart for Playboy that helps men decide if they should catcall women.

This flowchart starts off by objectifying women—some cringe-worthy phrases include, “Is her booty bangin’?” and “Does she have legs that go on for days?” However, the infographic starts ridiculing this shameful act as the questions get more and more absurd.

Indeed, this chart shows us what women go through when they are harassed, and that nothing about catcalling women is complimentary.

Click to enlarge flowchart

Click to enlarge flowchart

[via Fast Co Create]