29 August 2014

Jewelry For Mothers That Is Made From Their Own Breast Milk

Fashion trends can sometimes be baffling, but a relatively new trend of wearing jewelry made from one's own breast milk is still one of the stranger practices we have ever come across.

According to Yahoo! Entertinament, these trinkets, including pendants, rings and lockets, feature tiny amount of breast milk that has been processed and dehydrated into a "plastic-like state". They are then formed into various shapes and then coated in resin.

The mothers who bought these jewelry want to preserve their breastfeeding memories, and to remind themselves of the special bond that they have with their child during that period.

While some find it disgustiing and unhygenic, others think that it is a fascinating and meaningful way to commemorate the unique connection between a mother and her baby.

Read more about these breast milk jewelry here. Would you accessorize with your own breast milk?

[via Yahoo! Entertainment, images from Mommy Milk Creations]