31 March 2013

Apple’s Most Memorable Ads Over The Last 35 Years

Business publication Forbes has put up a collection of Apple’s most unforgettable ads on its website that neatly tracks the evolution of the tech giant’s advertising strategies over the last 35 years.

From the Apple II in 1977 to the App Store in 2009, both the design and content of its ads has changed dramatically.

At the beginning, the company appealed to the consumer with wordy ads that try to convince them of a personal computer’s merits—by the late 1990s, the ads have became minimalist with short but powerful taglines, including “Chic. Not Geek” and the iconic “Think Different”.

Despite these changes, the underlining message of Apple’s ads has remained rather consistent—that is, to revolutionalize the way we use technology.

For those who remember some of these earlier ads, scroll down for a trip down memory lane back to the time when an iPod was the coolest thing to own.

[via Forbes]