29 March 2013

Beautiful Turquoise Ice Formations On A 20 Million-Year-Old Lake

The world is filled with natural wonders, but these ice hummocks on Lake Baikal in Russia’s eastern Siberia is one of the most amazing we have ever seen.

The lake is itself an ancient wonder, with an estimated age of at least 20 million years—it also holds one-fifth of the world’s fresh water.

The strange but beautiful hummocks are bright turquoise ice formations that occurs when the lake freezes in the winter, causing the resulting ice layer on it to expand, crack and jut out unevenly.

When seen from above the water, they look like pristine shards of glass, while from below, they appear like gorgeous alien mineral formations from another planet.

Will you brave the Siberian cold to witness these ice hummocks in person?

[via Where Cool Things Happen]