29 March 2013

Mind-Blowing, Large-Scale Street Art Of Geometric Optical Illusions

Swiss artist Felice Varini, who specializes in stunning anamorphic public art, has recently unveiled new works under his “Anamorphic Illusions” series.

His impressive large-scale street art only makes sense when viewed from a specific perspective—standing at the right spot, the viewer will be able to see colorful, geometric shapes that look like they have been super-imposed over the scene.

In fact, these perfect circles, rectangles and triangles are only optical illusions that are actually made up of disjointed paint patches.

Painted in public spaces like car parks and courtyards, these artworks adds a surreal element to everyday street life.

Head over to Varini’s website to learn more about the process behind his astounding anamorphic art.

[via Fubiz]