29 March 2013

This Week in Fonts

A new book typeface by DSType, a deluxe script from Sudtipos, compact forms from Optimo, a modern slab by Rene Bieder, a vintage inspired face by Hold Fast Foundry, a classic sans from Plau, some fine curves from Gestalten, and a friendly serif by Borutta.

DSType: Ines

A new book typeface, seven weights with italics & small capitals.

Sudtipos: Heraldica Script

Attains the very definition of deluxe by conjoining the classic thin-and-thick script treatment with thin-only counterpart strokes, then it goes the extra mile with a varied complement of overlaid flourishes.

Optimo: Hermes Condensed

Perfect for dealing with dense graphic environments. The compact forms of this savvy typeface recall simple geometrical shapes and low contrasted strokes from its original design.

Rene Bieder: Quadon

A modern, clear and infinitely flexible interpretation of slab serif fonts. Designed to fill the gap between traditional serifs and the lasting trend of using sans serif fonts for contemporary design.

Hold Fast Foundry: Bourbon & Bourbon Rough

A condensed display typeface inspired by the likes of whiskey bottles and vintage serifs. It likes to take long walks with subtle, distressed textures or a nice, good-ole script.

Plau: Guanabara Sans

A classic, timeless look, swinging elegance, and joyful attitude.

Gestalten: Prell

The fine curves show a poetic and artful approach whereas the classic proportion of the character is a telltale of constructive thinking.

Borutta: Korpo Serif

A serif type family with a friendly feel. The low contrast and high x-height is perfect for longer text and headlines.

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This Week in Fonts