29 March 2013

‘Emergency Slide’ Deploy Only When There’s Fire

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Everyone knows that Google’s headquarters has a slide, but that is just for fun—in China, owners of a building have installed a deployable slide in their building in case of a fire.

Zhou Miaorong has introduced a special slide as a fire escape, which is said to be able to bring its users from the 50th floor to the 1st, in just 4 minutes.

Found in Shanghai, in the Minhang District’s Cuban-American Investment Service Center, the high-rise escape device is located in the stairwell of the building.

It does not use electricity—but when a ‘switch’ is flicked to deploy the device, the slide drops quickly to stair level on all levels.

Each layer of the slide chute can accommodate to three people at one time—and when tested, it can bring a user from the 5th floor to the 1st in just 15 seconds.

If accurately calculated, and there were 150 people in one 30-meter-high building, everyone can be evacuated in 40 minutes when there’s an emergency.

Though the curved areas of the slide could be tweaked to be better, the slide could prove to be a lifesaver in the future.

Do you think this slide fire escape could be useful?

[via Xmwb.Xinmin.Cn]