29 March 2013

‘Google Maps’ Literally Brought To Life In Awesome Animated Video

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Film director Patrick Jean has created an impressive animated video, in which a map of an American city is brought to life and it travels the world in search of oil.

Titled ‘Motorville’, he originally created the video for a television channel, but the network declined the video after watching it.

According to Jean, he said that various inspirations—from animation to written work—gave him the idea to create the video.

“So from all this, came this allegory of modern megalopolis living on a map, like massive, living organisms feeding from oil,” described Jean. “But the problem is these organisms are not far sighted enough to achieve their own survival on the long term, because they consume all the resources around them very quickly.”

“In the film, these cities behave like Zombies, bacteria, robots, or drug addicts. Or a mix of all these.”

Jean also points out that the film is not affiliated to Google Maps, although the interface looks similar to it.

Check out the video below:

[via Patrick Jean]